About CatchData – Small Business ERP Vendor

CatchData was developed by Gavin Bailey and Scott Eisenhut in 2011, out of necessity to accurately capture all client and job data within their sales/service business and reduce costs. From personal experience, they found the growing team of service technicians became increasingly complex to operate without a cloud-based ERP and field service management software.

As an ERP vendor, CatchData not only streamlined operations, but reduced errors, lowered admin costs, and increased cashflow for Gavin and Scott’s business. It has also done so for other businesses in both Australia and New Zealand.

CatchData has a proven record in streamlining growing field-based service businesses, ranging from 4 to 600 technicians. Your business can only become scalable when you have the needed software infrastructure in place. Before you can grow your business, you must control it, and CatchData helps you do just that.

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Why Use CatchData? 

The Old WayWith CatchData
Costing jobs takes days or weeks, increasing the time it takes to generate the invoice.Costing a job is completed within one day, substantially reducing the time it takes to generate the invoice.
Progress reports can take months. There is little or no visibility of what technicians are doing. Progress reports occur in real time. You know where technicians are located and what they are doing.
The cost of delivering timesheets at the end of the day to head office is high. 6 technicians equals approximately $25K in timesheet driving costs each year. The cost of timesheet delivery is zero. Technicians automatically create their timesheets by logging on and off jobs.
The cost of timesheet entry is high. The “technician to administrator” ratio is typically 1 : 0.5, with double handling of information. There is no longer timesheet entry. The “technician to administrator” ratio is typically 1 : 0.1. Admin oversees data quality, not data entry.
No centralised quality system, which leads to lost information.All client and job data is centralised, capturing all information.
Measuring a technician’s productivity can be time consuming and inaccurate.Measuring a technician’s productivity is based upon data and actual performance.
The owner or manager of the business has to be at the office to approve invoices, job costings, timesheets and other paperwork. The owner or manager can view and approve invoices, job costings, timesheets and other business items from any location.
"End of job to invoice” time is slow. Sometimes taking days or weeks to process each invoice."End of job to invoice” time is immediate, taking only minutes to process each invoice.
Poor clarity of handwritten reports and timesheets often lead to errors, including missing/lost paperwork. Technicians creating electronic service reports and timesheets within Catch Data ensures increased accuracy and no loss of information.
Clients are often undercharged or overcharged due to errors, missing invoices and other job information.Clients are invoiced accurately for each job that is completed.
It's near impossible to accurately locate technicians in the field. Know the exact GPS location of your technicians. Dispatch jobs to the closet technician and easily confirm time spent onsite.

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