How To – Import Job Invoices into MYOB Premier (V19)

  • Under File select Import Data 
  • Select Sales and then select Service Sales

  • Import File Format – Tab-delimited
  • First Record is – Header Record
  • Duplicate Records – Reject Them
  • Identify Suppliers by: Card ID
  • Click Continue

  • Locate your exported file from CatchData
  • Select the file and click open

  • Select Match All
  • Click Import

  • After the import is completed, the import log will appear notifying you of the successful items, skipped items and items with a warning message
  • If any items were skipped or imported with a warning, you will need to keep the MYOB Error file and confirm (see notes)


  • CatchData recommends exporting and importing into your chosen software program in this order: Jobs, Clients, Suppliers, Job Invoices, Supplier Invoices, Timesheets
  • After each import, an import log will appear, notifying you of the successful items, skipped and items with a warning, this file is located in the same folder as your MYOB file, if there are any skipped items or items with a warning, this will need to be printed before continuing on with your next import as the file updates after each import.